Tip: Promoting your startup using Facebook Messenger

Facebook just announced that a new marketing tool will soon be available through their messaging platform. How will it work? After designing your ad, you'll have the option to add a small "message" button. When users see your ad, they will be able to simply press the button to send you questions or comments! Now all you have to do is imagine all the ways it can help you convert more users, or how it can help you with brand awareness and PR stunts. 

You can read more about it here. 


MY WORK: Using Airbnb as a marketing platform

Everyone in marketing loves the fun campaigns, the ones that make you laugh, make you smile and occasionally even make you dance. But then there are the other campaigns, the ones that are not light and not easy, but you still feel called to do.  I created this "Rent amazing house in Israel by the sea" campaign on Airbnb in the summer of 2014 when Israel was suffering through daily rocket fire from Hamas and life in TLV, and around the country, was anything but normal. We wanted to call attention to what the media often overlooked, the everyday hardship of average Israelis under continued threat. We turned to what is not usually used as a marketing platform, Airbnb, because we understood the power and effect it could have. When people entered the "house page" on Airbnb they saw what it really looked like in Israel at the time. Real war. Real photos. Real terror that had to be stopped. This is a project that I wish I would not have had to do, but the thousands of shares within a few hours showed how strongly it resonated online.

MY WORK: When is the time to use Vloggers and other content creators to promote your startup? (Hint: now)

Over the years, I’ve heard many start-up founders say they don’t want to pay vloggers and other content creators to promote their companies. They believe so strongly in their products that they don’t see the need to pay someone to promote them. While I certainly appreciate their faith, I always tell them that I think they’re making a big mistake. No matter how good the product, if isn’t discovered it wont succeed. Paid content creators can go a long way towards not only making sure the product is discovered, but also trusted, and desired. These are a few things that your company can get by working with them: 

  1. Credibility - people who follow content creators do so because they believe them and trust them, an attitude that gets transferred to your product. 
  2. Legitimacy - when people see somebody familiar talking about or using a certain product, it makes them more likely to feel a need or desire for the product (If George Clooney drinks Nespresso - I should too!). Think of content creators as a Clooney you can afford.
  3. Permanence - the content they create about your product will last forever, and can be reused.
  4. Exposure - they own the audience you want.

The following is a vlogger campaign we did with @TryItOn. It turned out to be a great and cost effective way to generate brand awareness and, of course, downloads. We saw direct growth and better ROI than our always on user acquisition work. Along with this the content that was created is now permanently on Youtube and can be used again anytime. 

The first video is the final movie that we promoted on Youtube and Facebook. 


Takara's Testimonial

Cristeen Olley's Testimonial 

Missptv's Testimonial 

TIP: What’s the perfect time frame for telling the story of your business? (Hint: 3 minutes and 44 seconds)

According to a recent post on Techcrunch, a new study conducted by docsend and Harvard Business School professor Tom Eisenmann, discovered that investors don't look at a pitch for more than 3 minutes and 44 seconds. There are a number of other useful insights in the article as well, so read it here, then try it for yourself - it's a great exercise.


MY WORK: How to explain complex tech to beauty junkies and turn them into new users at the lowest acquisition costs

Thanks to the incredible talent of Lior, Tomer, Karin and Pony, we succeed in creating this incredible product movie. I’m not just saying that it’s incredible because I think the branding and production are top notch (which they are), but also because it got amazing acquisition costs via a Youtube installs campaign. Not bad.