MY WORK: driving Growth using new product buzz (or: driving Growth by hacking a new platform)

There are certain projects I love in part because of the people I worked with on them. While the media may focus on the tech side of the start-up nation, personally I am always impressed by the creative talent in Israel. Two people whose talent I love, and whom I worked with on this project, are Daniel and Tomer. With their expertise and talent in tow, we set out to create a lean, mean, Israeli commando style creative campaign for Delta Lingerie. We were looking to promote a "one time sale" for their online store. As it happened, just as we were beginning to conceptualize the campaign Facebook launched their "POKE" app, an app similar to Snapchat. We quickly realized the value and possibility of using this new platform, so we created the very first poke campaign. Beyond the blitz of media attention, we also successfully drove a 25% increase in traffic to Delta's online store. This is how we did it: