MY WORK: Why we choose FB to promote a message of peace

In August 2010 a conflict occurred between Israel and Turkey surrounding the events that occurred on the Mavi Marmara, a Comoros-flagged ship that was part of a flotilla headed for Gaza. At a critical moment, while events were still unfolding and before the political situation got worse, we were asked to promote a message of peace between the two countries. Immediately we knew that the only place to achieve this would be on social media. After a bit of thought and research, we realized that Facebook should be our main conversation platform. Turkey has one of the highest numbers of Facebook users in the world, and while Israel is much smaller in size, it has one of the most active Facebook communities on any country. Add to this the massive number of pages with high engagement rates, and you have the perfect platform to speak directly to people on both sides. We identified Turkish Facebook users with large followings who could be considered "influencers", then asked Israelis to send them a personal message with a simple request: let's not fight through our politicians, let's talk about it out between ourselves. The project received extensive media coverage, got high levels of engagement on both sides, and started a powerful conversation within Israel.