MY WORK: How we got 125% funding for Bascula's crowdfunding campaign

Not many people realize that the biggest Kickstarter campaign of all time actually failed its first time around. I came across this fascinating bit of information through an amazing guy who was determined to open a new performing arts space in Tel Aviv. Yuval, the founder of Bascula, wanted to create something unique and magical in the White City, and my job was to help him find the funding to do it.  We considered a number of strategies, and realized that since the space itself was intended to draw people together around a passion for performing arts, the best place to turn was the community itself. Happily, we were right. What follows is the movie we produced as our main marketing tool for the campaign. But first, some things we learned from the experience:

  • Identify and understand your audience so that you really connect with them to promote community based marketing.
  • Carefully think through your script and editing to make sure you stay on message and make good marketing decisions. 
  • Be passionate about your product and let your passion be reflected in everything you do.  
  • Don't ask your audience to make your dream come true, offer them a product they really need and believe in.

In the end, after a lot of hard (and enjoyable) work and help from one the coolest guys in TLV, my friend Kasuto (founder of Pelaozen, the best social agency in Israel), and the super talented Assaf, the founder of "kids are best screenwriters in the world"  , the campaign reached 125% funding.  

Next time you're in TLV, go check it out. Try to stand on your hands, feel bad about the shape your in, and then stay to drink beers and watch a super cool show.