MY WORK: How we found our place in the crowded messaging domain

When I met shizup's team I knew this project was going to be something special, in part because it was going be really #$%@!&* hard to get it right. Their product is in the "social" domain, and social today is all about "messaging", an already crowded space. Add to this a tight budget, and the result is that we had to get super creative with the marketing strategy for the launch. Shizup's team came up with the great idea to add a meme generator to their product to differentiate themselves in the market, at which point I jumped in with the line "why text when you can meme". Recognizing that we had found the perfect hook, we led a process to change the whole marketing story and all of the messaging to fit with this new direction. Three important lessons can be learned from this process:

  1. When you launch a product and you don't have $1M marketing budget - find a specific group or a community that the product can "talk" to them.  memes lovers are great community 
  2. After you decided to whom you're going to launch - find the influers, the FB pages, blogs and sites that are relevant to your product. make it as niche as you can. focus is the key here, we weren't afraid to talk to a niche  group, and after we'll convince them - we will go after their friends, and their friends   
  3. When launching - pay attention to the funnel and see how the users are doing -  this is how we came up with the "meme-out" idea. we needed to encourage users to send memes to their friends, and it felt like a great way to get low cpi - we go until $0.65 per INSTALL. it's a crazy price in any domain. in messaging domain is unbelievable.

Check out the movie we did with Yoav, Nimrod (design) Lior on writing and translation and pony who produced it. 

All marketing materials made by my good friends, Eylon and Kamil at machisto 


PR was handled by Blonde 2.0

MY WORK: When is the time to use Vloggers and other content creators to promote your startup? (Hint: now)

Over the years, I’ve heard many start-up founders say they don’t want to pay vloggers and other content creators to promote their companies. They believe so strongly in their products that they don’t see the need to pay someone to promote them. While I certainly appreciate their faith, I always tell them that I think they’re making a big mistake. No matter how good the product, if isn’t discovered it wont succeed. Paid content creators can go a long way towards not only making sure the product is discovered, but also trusted, and desired. These are a few things that your company can get by working with them: 

  1. Credibility - people who follow content creators do so because they believe them and trust them, an attitude that gets transferred to your product. 
  2. Legitimacy - when people see somebody familiar talking about or using a certain product, it makes them more likely to feel a need or desire for the product (If George Clooney drinks Nespresso - I should too!). Think of content creators as a Clooney you can afford.
  3. Permanence - the content they create about your product will last forever, and can be reused.
  4. Exposure - they own the audience you want.

The following is a vlogger campaign we did with @TryItOn. It turned out to be a great and cost effective way to generate brand awareness and, of course, downloads. We saw direct growth and better ROI than our always on user acquisition work. Along with this the content that was created is now permanently on Youtube and can be used again anytime. 

The first video is the final movie that we promoted on Youtube and Facebook. 


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