Let's get to the point, this is me: Entrepreneur, Brands builder, Marketing and Growth strategist, Business strategist, Investor, Writer, Musician, lover. 

2006-2014: Brands advertiser // digital strategist 
Started as a copywriter at Y&R, then co founded UTURN, a social media marketing agency that later on have been merged to ACW Grey group (subsidiary of WPP). after the merger I became the agency's Head of digital. Worked with clients as P&G, Sony, VW, Microsoft, intel, Toshiba, Hyundai and more.

2013-2018: Startups advertiser // CMO for hire 
Working with mostly consumer startups, creating killer marketing strategies, marketing action plans from planning to execution (I hire and mange the required team; creative / production / media buying / analysis and more). Some of the startups I worked with are: Missbeez, easy, jelly button, jolt, venn and more. all together raised more the $100M, 2 of them got acquired and only 5 didn't survive. 

I write and share some of my work at this Blog and on Medium I write about marketing strategy for startups and more topics that I'm obsessed with. 

Contact me: Dan@eblagon.com, +972-54-2999133